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Curios South Africa is a family owned business started by the Mfeka’s in 2009, it was a small curio distributor selling to tourists in Durban during holiday seasons, and next to roads leading to Johannesburg international airport currently known as OR Tambo today


Our vision still remains the same to make sure the customer is happy and that we don’t just sell them curios, but a relationship that will last longer, to ensure that they never just think curios, but Curios South Africa


Curios SA sponsors one of the orphanage homes in the Municipality of Ekurhuleni in Gauteng, and we hope to expand our help to more charities as we grow. 5% of all our sales is directly donated to beneficiaries centre that we sponsor

Our Products, our Pride

Curios SA offers customers something extra, and continue to pledge that we would always make sure the customer is happy.


Curios SA sculptures and make its own curios by hand, there is no set machine to manufacture mass, each and every one by one piece is unique as no other one can be made exactly like the last one ensuring that the piece in your house is only unique to you in the entire world

We create wooden sculptured company logos, company identifier sculptures and also make metallic pieces from elephants, zebra, cows, lions, horses etc all in real sizes by hand, piece by piece, We also create serendipity frames, decorative African framed paintings etc

Our Guarantee:

The business is now one of the small well known supplier of curios to tourists visiting South Africa as well as local South Africans that has shown us huge local support. 

The business is still run by the family today and the commitment to create memories that lasts still remains uncompromised.

All our products carries a 5 year warranty


Customer Satisfaction

Item: Vanished Metal Horse
Dimensions:  2.3m x 2.1m
Weight: +60kg
Price: R19 700.00

Item: Vanished Rhino
Dimensions:  4m long
Weight: +130kg
Price: R24 400.00

Item: Vanished Metal Zebra
Dimensions:  2.2m x 2.1m
Weight: +40kg
Price: R14 800.00

Item: Wooden Giraffe
Dimensions:  1.2m Tall
Weight: +15kg
Price: R3 700.00

Item: Vanished Metal Elephant
Dimensions:  2.3m x 2.1m
Weight: +80kg
Price: R22 400.00

Item: Wooden Crocodiles each
Dimensions:  3.5m
Weight: +- 80kg
Price: R21 450.00

Item: SA Big 5 In One
Dimensions:  N/A
Weight: +- 26kg
Price: R8 700.00

Item: Wooden SA Hippos
Dimensions:  0.45m
Weight: +- 2.5kg
Price: R1 200.00

Item: SA Kudu Real Horns (Raw or vanished)
Dimensions:  N/A
Weight: 700g
Price: R3 500.00

Item: Painting on a cloth (without Frame)
Dimensions:  70cm x 450cm
Weight: N/A
Price: R950.00

Item: Painted Real Buffalo Bones
Dimensions:  N/A
Weight: N/A
Price: R950.00 each

Item: SA Big 5 on a Buffalo Bone
Dimensions:  N/A
Weight: N/A
Price: R4 500.00

Item: Set of 6 Wooden Candle Holders on a Tray
Dimensions:  N/A
Weight: N/A
Price: R3 500

Item: Wooden Warthog
Dimensions:  45 cm long x 30cm high
Weight: N/A
Price: R3 400.00

Item: Wooden Elephants (Each)
Dimensions:  45cm x 19cm
Weight: +- 80kg
Price: R650.00

Item: Wooden Baskets
Dimensions:  Made as per your tree size
Weight: N/A
Price: To Quote

Item: 3D Hand Painted Elephants
Dimensions:  +- 12kg
Weight: 950mm x 1500mm
Price: R4 500.00

Item: 3D Frames
Dimensions:  1000mm x 1600mm x back depth 50mm
Weight: +- 16kg
Price: R19 000.00

Item: Personalized Frames
Dimensions:  1000mm x 1600mm x back depth 50mm
Weight: +- 16kg
Price: R22 450.00

Item: 3D Frames
Dimensions:  1000mm x 1600mm x back depth 50mm
Weight: +- 16kg
Price: R22 450.00

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Cash Payments terms, the price you see is the price you pay
Deposit and balance payment on delivery or collection
Our three months payment terms at current interest rates (t&c apply).
Online payment, EFT and cheque deposits will only have to clear before the goods are released or delivered
Free deliveries in Gauteng
Please claim your free delivery anywhere in South Africa for any purchase over R10 000.00
Proof of payments to be sent to or

Contact Us


Praise Mfeka

Tel: (011) 056 5868
Cell: 084 023 3228


Lucia Mfeka

Tel: (011) 056 5868
Cell: 074 822 9105

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